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Title Jumping Ship book
Author Michael Pearl
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There is a troubling trend showing up among some of the "homeschool crowd." Their children are discontent and rebellious, jumping ship as soon as they think they can survive without the family—some as young as sixteen years old. Michael Pearl addressed this issue in a series of NGJ magazine articles in 2006. These have now been compiled into this book, along with new material and an additional two chapters covering further issues

The chapters are as follows:

Chapter 1 - Jumping Ship

Chapter 2 - Fruit Bearing

Chapter 3 - Maintaining Morale

Chapter 4 - Provide Entertainment

Chapter 5 - Character Building

Chapter 6 - Biblical Admonition

Chapter 7 - What to do when your child has jumped ship.

When Michael Pearl started writing these articles in the NGJ magazines 2 years ago, we printed them and handed them out to people. They are so good. This book is directed more towards the Dads (in my opinion) but will be helpful for both parents. "Jumping Ship" is the analogy that Michael Pearl uses for kids that reach the teenage years and decide that your life and lifestyle and religion and everything that you stand for and live for is not what they want. They "jump ship" and abandon your family and you as parents either by running away or simply by rebelling against you. Michael Pearl explains why they "jump ship" and what to do to avoid this. It is very informative and full of value for our generation. He helps us to understand (and remember) what is important to a growing kid and hits at the very heart issue in the lives of the parents.

This book goes beyond training and discipline and is a "must read" for all parents who are planning to raise happy teenagers - we must prepare now when our kids are still young (and it's not too late if our kids are older).

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